ProPilates Method Group Classes

Get stronger, leaner, and more flexible with the support, encouragement and fun energy of a group class. Using classical Pilates equipment and principles, we offer effective, engaging ProPilates Method classes like ProPilates Mat/Tower, ProPilates Tower, ProPilates Reformer, and ProPilates Barre. Our small class size assures you’ll receive individual attention and proper form corrections from our expert instructors to improve your strength, enhancing your results. Classes are one hour in length. Start today to change the way you look and feel tomorrow with the support, encouragement and fun energy of our ProPilates class program.

ProPilates Class Descriptions

ProPilates Mat/Tower
This fun and invigorating class format drawing from the classical Pilates Mat regimen is designed to strengthen your entire body by using your own body weight and springs for resistance, Magic Circle, and Tower unit.

ProPilates Tower
This strength building and fun class is designed to challenge even the strongest athlete in you. Taking the Reformer Cadillac sequence and applying it to the Tower unit, this class will condition your core while challenging your upper and lower extremities.

ProPilates Reformer
Are you ready to be re-formed? Utilizing the classical Pilates Reformer equipment, this group class will help you develop overall strength, flexibility, and coordination.

ProPilates Barre
Ready to have fun and achieve a ballerina body? Squeeze, press, and lift your body into Ballet shape. We’ve created this fun workout by incorporating all ballet strengthening exercises using the Pilates Tower unit.

Our ProPilates classes in conjunction with CardioFit Elliptical trainers and our ProNutrition Program will get you in shape fast and safe. And to complete your new look ProStyle Boutique will dress you from head to toe in stylish easy fashions to take you form Working Out to Going Out!


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